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This article will show you how to import a CSV of free members, paying members, or both into Memberstack 2.0.

If you are migrating from another authentication or payment provider, please read this entire article carefully before committing to Memberstack. There are situations where members cannot be imported. For example: if you have paying members, but cannot provide a Stripe Customer ID).

If you are migrating from Memberstack 1.0, the CSV you export from 1.0 will contain all of the required columns. Example 1.0 Export. 

Importing Free Members

Your CSV file can contain up to 10k rows, and contain the following columns: 

  1. Email Address (required)
  2. Password OR Hashed Password (optional)
    πŸ‘‰ If left blank, a password will be generated automatically.
    πŸ‘‰ If you're migrating from Memberstack 1.0, the "Hashed Password" column will be included automatically.
  3. Member ID (recommended)
  4. A column for each of your custom fields like name, phone, address, etc.
  5. Free Plan ID or comma-separated list of free plan IDs if you want more than one. All lowercase without spaces. 
  6. Login Redirect (optional)
    πŸ‘‰ Formerly known as user-specific pages. 
  7. JSON (optional)
  8. Metadata (optional)

Importing Paid Members

Note: When importing paying members, the customer.subscription.updated event will fire in Stripe. You may want to turn off your Make or Zapier scenarios that use this event during import. 

  1. All of the "free import" columns above, plus πŸ‘‡...
  2. Stripe Customer ID (required)
  3. Stripe Subscription ID (required for recurring-subscripitions)
    πŸ‘‰ Rare: If the subscription contains multiple line items Memberstack will only respect the 1st line item.
  4. Free plan ID(s) for free plans and one-time payments.
    πŸ‘‰ Free Plan ID or comma-separated list of free plan IDs if you want more than one. All lowercase without spaces. 
    πŸ‘‰ One-time payments should be imported as free plans. For example: If a member has a $499 one-time membership, they can’t be associated with an equivalent $499 one-time price. They will need to be placed on a new free plan instead. Be sure to still include the Stripe Customer ID from #3 to "import" their payment methods.

Import Errors

Once the import is complete you will receive an email with the number of successfully imported members and any imports with errors. Each failed member will have a reason.


This means Memberstack and Stripe could not find the subscription provided. This usually happens if you import a member with a cancelled subscription. Any members with this error will be imported with a Stripe customer and stored payment info, but they will not have a plan. 

Signup Rules

If you are trying to import members with plans, and it's not working make sure you do not have any signup rules that may block the email addresses you are trying to import.

Test Mode Errors

If you are getting an error about sandbox mode or test mode when trying to import please make sure you do not have multiple tabs open for your Memberstack app and try refreshing a couple times to make sure the mode isn't cached. This should fix the issue.

Have a different error? Please contact support for more info. 


Free Trials

Please contact us if you are attempting to migrate Memberstack 1.0 members with active free trials. It is not possible to preserve the trial days during import. 


Can I change a member's paid plan during import?

No, but you can change their paid plan after import. Please see this article to learn more


Can I update members using the import tool?

No, the import tool is meant to add new members only.


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