How to Reset a Member's Password

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Password reset mishaps happen to the best of us. Often triggered by a combination of user impatience and tepid server responses, the usually reliable password reset process runs amuck. The member is locked out of their account, frustration kicks in, and then the final humiliation: email the admin asking for password help.

That's where our article begins...

Locating the Member

First, log in to your admin account and click Members on the side menu. Scroll through the list and click the name of the member asking for a password reset. A new panel displays on the right.

Click the ellipsis and select Reset Password.



Choosing a Method

In the popup window, decide how to generate a new password (automatic or manual) and then click Reset.


  • If you choose automatic, click the copy icon and then send the password to the member. Optionally, click the eye icon to see the password.


  • If you choose manual, enter the new password two times and then send it to the member.


That's it.

In less than a minute, you have a happy member again. 

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