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Enable customers to upgrade their subscription at checkout with upsells.

NOTE: Upsells will only appear in Live Mode. They will not appear in test mode.


Subscription upsells give customers the option to upgrade to a longer-term plan using Checkout. Upselling customers to longer subscription intervals (for example, from monthly to yearly) can increase your average order value and cash flow.

All recurring prices that aren’t metered are eligible to use subscription upsells. For any eligible price, you can set up a subscription upsell to another price that meets the following criteria:

Create a subscription upsell

You can configure a subscription upsell in the Dashboard on the Price detail page. You can view the details for a Price by clicking on one you’ve added to a Product. You’ll see a list of eligible upsell prices in the dropdown menu. After you select an upsell, it immediately applies to eligible Checkout Sessions that use that price.

For a Checkout Session to be eligible for upsells, it must:

  • Be a subscription mode Checkout Session
  • Have only one type=recurring price in the Checkout Session
  • Have a valid configuration for the upsell price
  • Be in Live Mode. Upsells will not appear while in test mode.

Checkout experience

In Checkout, buyers see an option to select the upsell with savings displayed (if applicable). Stripe calculates savings based on the amount the user would save in one billing cycle if they chose upsell pricing. For example, a monthly subscription of 100 USD that upsells to an annual subscription of 1000 USD shows savings of 200 USD. Savings are displayed as an amount or a percentage, depending on the character length of the savings.

Users can toggle between the initial price option and the upsell price option and then checkout.

Trial behaviour

If a customer selects an upsell for a Checkout Session with a trial available, the trial length won’t change.

Remove a subscription upsell

To remove a subscription upsell, click the x below. After you remove a subscription upsell, that upsell won’t be available to any new Checkout Sessions.

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