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Navigate to settings → Stripe Settings

Click Connect under the Stripe section and follow the Stripe prompts. If you get stuck, Stripe has a helpful article called Getting started with Stripe: create or connect an account →


Once that's done, you can create some Paid Plans!

Connect Multiple Accounts

You can use one Stripe account across multiple Memberstack projects.

However, you cannot connect multiple Stripe accounts to one Memberstack project.

Importing Plans from Stripe

Stripe products must be created in Memberstack for them to sync with Memberstack. If you create products in Stripe they will not show up in Memberstack until you migrate them to Memberstack using our handy Importing Stripe Products tool. 

Stripe Customers

Have customers in Stripe who aren't in Memberstack yet? You can import existing Stripe customers into Memberstack. 

Disconnect/Switch Stripe Accounts

We have a separate article which explains how to do this. Disconnect/Switch Stripe Accounts

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