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Great news! We’ve made it super easy to re-create your paid memberships, subscriptions, etc.

Assuming you’re already using Stripe (for Memberstack 1.0 or for a previous integration) then this article will save you some time.

⚠️ Important Info: If you are not seeing a plan associated with a member you have updated in stripe the member must be deleted and signup again.

💡 Note: Before you dive in, you’ll need to Connect to Stripe. You must use the same Stripe account for your old account and your new account.


Step 1 → Find the Stripe Product you want to import.

  • Navigate to your Products page in Stripe. Make sure your Stripe account is in Live mode.


  • Locate the product you want to import and click on the plan name to view it.

Step 2 → Copy the Product ID

  • From the specific product page, you’ll need to copy the product ID. Note: use the product ID, not the price ID.


Step 3 → Import into Memberstack


  1. Navigate to the Plans page in Memberstack.
  2. Click the 3 dots next to the “Add” button.
  3. In the drop-down, click “Import via Stripe
  4. Paste the product ID and click “Save”.

Next Steps

Once you have all of your free and paid plans inside of Memberstack, it’s time to import Paid Members.


Make sure you are copying the Live mode product ids in Stripe. The import will fail if you try to import Test mode production ids. 

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