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This article provides an understanding of how checkout redirects work in Memberstack. Checkout redirects are a vital part of the user experience, guiding customers to the appropriate page once they've completed their purchase.

Understanding Checkout Redirects

Checkout redirects occur after a user has successfully completed their purchase on the Stripe checkout page. Depending on the plan being purchased, the user is redirected to a specific page. This page is the signup redirect for the plan being purchased.

Setting Up Checkout Redirects

To set up a checkout redirect, you'll need to configure the signup redirect for the plan being purchased. This can be done in the plan settings of your Memberstack dashboard.

  1. Navigate to your Memberstack dashboard. Log into your Memberstack account and go to the 'Plans' page.

  2. Select the plan. Choose the plan for which you want to set the checkout redirect.

  3. Set the Signup Redirect. In the plan settings, locate the 'On Signup' field. Enter the URL of the page to which users should be redirected after completing their purchase.

Testing Your Checkout Redirects

It's important to test your checkout redirects to ensure they're working as expected. You can do this by completing a purchase for the plan you've configured. Once the Stripe checkout is completed, you should be redirected to the page specified in the Signup Redirect URL field.

Troubleshooting Checkout Redirects

If your checkout redirects are not working as expected, here are a few things to check:

  • Verify the Signup Redirect URL. Make sure the URL entered in the Signup Redirect URL field is correct and the page is accessible. Keep in mind that redirect urls should be relative and not absolute. (e.g. /dashboard and not

  • Check the order priority of your Redirects. There are a few places to define redirects in Memberstack, and some can be overridden by other types of redirects. An example of the hierarchy is below.

  • Contact Memberstack Support. If you're still having trouble with checkout redirects, reach out to Memberstack Support for assistance on the bottom right of your dashboard.

Redirect priority of Redirects

  • Default redirects → Affects all members on your site. Overridden by the following...
    • Plan-level redirects →  Affects members on a particular plan. Overridden by the following…
      • Member-level redirects →  Learn how you can define a member-specific login redirect
        • Form-level redirects → Not recommended for most projects. Effects members who signup/login using a form on your site with a hard-coded redirect.


Checkout redirects are an important part of ensuring a seamless user experience. By properly setting up and testing your checkout redirects, you can guide your members to the appropriate next steps after they've made a purchase. You can read more about redirects here.

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