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You can easily issue a customer refund from the Stripe dashboard. Stripe refunds normally take 5 to 10 business days to complete.

  • BTW It's not possible to send refunds from inside Memberstack.

Issuing a Refund

  1. Log in to your Stripe account.
  2. Enter a customer name in the search field.
  3. Click a row under the CUSTOMERS heading or the PAYMENTS heading.


On the new page:

  1. Locate the payment that you want to refund.
  2. Hover the ellipsis.
  3. Click the Refund payment icon.


In the popup window:

  1. Confirm or edit the amount to refund.
  2. Select a reason.
  3. Click the Refund button.


  • Stripe displays a confirmation window. Enter your Stripe account password and click Continue.


  • Stripe updates the Payment status. Click the information icon to see details.



That's it.

Now you know how to create a customer refund from the Stripe dashboard. To learn about refunds, check out Stripe's user documents

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