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The subscription is currently in a trial period and it’s safe to provision your product for your customer. The subscription transitions automatically to active when the first payment is made.


The subscription is in good standing and the most recent payment was successful. It's safe to provision your product for your customer.


Payment failed when the subscription was created. A successful payment needs to be made within 23 hours to activate the subscription. 


The initial payment on the subscription failed and no successful payment was made within 23 hours of creating the subscription. These subscriptions do not bill customers. This status exists so you can track customers that failed to activate their subscriptions.


Payment on the latest invoice either failed or wasn't attempted.


The subscription has been canceled. During cancellation, automatic collection for all unpaid invoices is disabled (auto_advance=false).


The latest invoice hasn't been paid but the subscription remains in place. The latest invoice remains open and invoices continue to be generated but payments aren't attempted.


The member checkout process and then failed to authenticate the payment with their bank. Can also appear when a subscription renews. 

Past Due

The subscription’s status remains active as long as automatic payments succeed.

If an automatic payment fails, the subscription is updated to past_due and Stripe attempts to recover payment based on your retry rules in Stripe. (You might want to double-check your retry settings.)

If payment recovery fails, you can set the subscription status to canceled, unpaid, or you can leave it active.


Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is a new European regulatory requirement to reduce fraud and make online payments more secure. To accept payments and meet SCA requirements, we had to build additional authentication into your checkout flow. Stripe docs → 

You'll see the SCA status label on the members page when a member started the signup process but failed to authenticate the payment with their bank.

Your member will need to try another payment method or resolve the issue with their bank before they continue. Here's a template to get you started.

SCA email to customer template:


Thanks so much for becoming a member!

Unfortunately, I received an alert that your payment failed because it hasn't been authorized by your bank.

You may need to contact your bank, look for a payment authorization text, or look for an email asking you to verify the payment. You'll gain access to the site as soon as you do!


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