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In a previous article, I showed you how to create a Stripe coupon for subscriptions. This article goes one step further. I show you how to create a customer-facing promo code (redeemable at the checkout) that points to a coupon.


Need to know

It’s a good idea to review Stripe’s Help docs to understand all the terms and conditions that come with promo codes. Here are some points to consider.

It’s not possible to:

  • Use more than one promo code at the checkout.
  • Create multiple promo codes with the same code.
  • Redeem a promo code and get an account-level coupon discount at the same time for the same subscription purchase.
  • Edit or delete a promo code, but you can deactivate it (see below).
  • Discount a purchase below Stripe's minimum charge amount (which is around $1.00 USD) for one-time payments. Learn more → 

1. Navigating the Stripe Dashboard

This starting point has two paths. The path you should take depends on where you are in the coupon workflow.

Path 1 - Creating a New Coupon

If you are right now working on Stripe’s Create a coupon page:

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the Stripe page.
  2. Switch on the Codes toggle. The promo code tool displays.
  3. Skip past Path 2 on this page and go to Creating a promo code.  


Path 2 - Editing an Existing Coupon

Follow this path if you created a coupon in the past and now want to create a promo code.  

  1. Go to your Stripe Dashboard.
  2. Click Products > Coupons.
  3. Click the coupon that needs a promo code.
  4. On the next page, click the Add a promotion code button.


  • The promo code tool displays.


2. Creating a Promo Code

Creating a promo code is fast and easy. 

  1. Enter a name for the code. (promo code names are case-sensitive)
  2. Enable one or more restrictions. (optional, see below)
  3. Click the Add promotion code button.


After you create the promo code, Stripe adds a record to the Promotion Codes section on the Coupon page.


3. Configuring a Promo Code

First-time order 

Customers can redeem a promo code at the checkout when they buy something from you for the first time. After that, the code does not work for this customer.

Limit to a specific customer

Create a promo code for a single customer. 

  • Click the field and select a customer account.
  • Click the ellipsis to change the customer name. (optional)


Limit the number of times this code can be redeemed

Cap the total number of redemptions.

Add an expiration date

Use the date picker to set a final date and time for promo code redemptions.

Require minimum order value

Set a minimum value at the checkout. If a subscription purchase involves multiple payments during the subscription period, the discount applies only to the initial payment when the customer redeems the promo code.

  • Note  If you create a coupon with multiple currencies, you can set the minimum purchase requirement in the same currencies.

4. Deactivating a Promo Code

You can’t delete (or edit) a promo code, but there are three ways to disable a promo code, which stops redemptions.

Option 1 Manual archive

Click the ellipsis and select Archive promotion code. Archived codes display an Inactive tag.

  1. Click Products > Coupons.
  2. Locate the promo code, click the ellipsis, and select Archive promotion code.
  3. Optionally, follow the same steps to unarchive a promo code.
  • Archived codes display an Inactive tag. 


Option 2 Auto-deactivation

A promo code automatically deactivates once it hits the redemption limit or expiration date that you set when creating the code. It’s not possible to reactivate a deactivated code.

Option 3 Coupon deactivation

All promo codes point to a coupon. If a coupon stops working (e.g. hits a redemption limit, reaches the expiration date, or you delete the coupon), all associated promo codes stop working and cannot be reactivated.

That’s it for promo codes. 

Happy marketing!

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