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This article will shows you how to create a coupon in Stripe. If you want to create customer-facing promo codes, read this article.

❗️Important: Test mode coupons only work in test mode. Live mode coupons only work on live mode. 

Stripe’s Help docs cover everything you need to know. There's no need to repeat it all here, so I'll give you the basics. Just enough information to finish the journey without any extra stops. Got a nitty-gritty technical question? You can always give us a shout, but why not look over the Stripe docs first?

1. Creating a Coupon

  1. Log in to your Stripe account.
  2. Click Products > Coupons > +New.


The Create a Coupon page displays. Fill in the required fields.


  • Enter a unique coupon name. This name appears on customer invoices.


  • Select Percentage or Fixed amount and then enter a value.
  • Optionally, you can offer a Fixed discount in multiple currencies. Check Stripe’s Help docs for details.


Apply to specific products

By default, this toggle is off, and the field is blank. That means your customers can apply the coupon to every product related to the subscription. If you enter one or more products, the coupon applies only to those items and excludes all the others.


Set the coupon’s period of validity. Click the field and select an option: Forever, Once, and Multiple Months.


This coupon works again, again, and again as long as the customer has a subscription. 


This coupon works one time during a subscription period. When the current subscription ends, the coupon won’t generate a discount.

Multiple months

Unlike Forever, this option sets a fixed period of validity. Here’s an example of how it works.

Let's say you create a coupon that is valid for four months (as shown in the screenshot below).


  • If a customer purchases a one-year subscription with this 4-month coupon, the discount applies to the full one-year price of the subscription. 
  • If a customer has a monthly subscription, they can apply the coupon to four consecutive monthly invoices. After the fourth month, the coupon is no longer valid for that customer.
  • The starting point of a coupon’s lifespan depends on the customer. The clock starts ticking when the customer uses the coupon for the first time.

Redemption Limits

Configure this setting to protect your business by putting guardrails on coupon availability. Use the date picker to define the last day for redemptions or cap the total number of redemptions available to your customer base. Or, you could enable both limits (time and total number).



Use the toggle switch at the bottom of the page to create promo codes. I show you how to create codes in a different article

  • If you’re ready to create a code now, switch on the toggle and read this article.
  • If you’d prefer to create a code later, leave the toggle in the OFF position and go to the next step (Create Coupon). 


Click the Create Coupon button at the bottom of the page. Stripe saves the coupon and opens the Coupons page. Click the coupon name to make changes and add/edit promo codes.


2. Applying a Coupon

Stripe gives you two ways to assign a coupon: apply to a subscription or apply to a customer. Both options generate the same invoice discount, but the period of validity is different. 

  • Note  You can apply only one coupon per invoice. It is not possible to apply multiple coupons to a single invoice. 

Appy to a subscription

Choose this option to limit the coupon’s period of validity. The discount applies only to the current subscription and does not extend to future subscriptions or renewals.

  1. On the dashboard, click Billing > Subscriptions.
  2. Scan the list and select one customer subscription.
  3. Click the Actions button and select Update subscription.
  4. Review the discount in the preview window. If correct, click Update subscription. If not correct, click Close preview and verify the coupon name.


After applying the coupon to a subscription, Stripe displays the discount in the Subscription details section.


Edit or delete a subscription coupon

  1. Go to Billing > Subscriptions.
  2. Click the subscription account.
  3. Click the Actions button and select Update subscription.

On the Preview page, click the ellipsis next to the coupon name. Select Edit or Remove, make changes (if needed), and then click Update subscription.


Appy to a customer

Compared to the first option (apply to a subscription), this one has the potential to generate more customer benefits (and product owner costs). When applied at the customer level, the discount applies to all current and future customer subscriptions within the coupon’s period of validity.

  1. On the dashboard, click Customers > a customer account > Actions button > Apply coupon.
  2. Select a coupon name on the drop-down menu and then click Submit.

Stripe displays the coupon on the customer page.


Edit or delete a customer coupon

To change or delete a coupon, go to the customer page. Hover the coupon name. Click an icon to edit or remove the coupon.



If you have any issues, please see this article for Known Limitation and Issues

Happy marketing!

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