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Here's what to do if you've connected the wrong Stripe account and need to connect a new Stripe account.

If you haven't created any paid plans or prices:

Head on over to the Stripe page on your dashboard, and click Disconnect. (If this doesn't work, please reach out to support).

If you have any paying members or created any paid plans/prices:

You will need to create a new App in Memberstack and connect your new Stripe account. If this is a major inconvenience, please contact the support team for more information to make the transition easier.

This is because Memberstack requires all paid plans to have a Stripe product in a connected Stripe account. Any products or members will break because they are in the stripe account that got disconnected. 

To avoid these issues you'll need to:

  1. Delete all paying members which will result in their subscriptions being canceled.

  2. Delete all paid plans because they are associated with your old Stripe account.

  3. Ask the Memberstack support team to disconnect your old Stripe account.

  4. Connect your new Stripe account.

  5. Add paid plans back so the new Stripe account will be updated.

  6. Have your previous paying members sign up again.

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