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In this article, I'll show you how to create a site with all free members. If your site has all paying members or a mix of free and paying members I recommend checking out those articles instead. 

I'm going to start from scratch, so just skip ahead if you've already finished a step. 

On Your Site

Install Memberstack

1. First, install Memberstack into your project. 

Create a Signup Form (Optional)

2. Create a signup form so members are able to create an account. (You can skip this step if you'd rather add members via the admin dashboard.) You also have the option to create multiple signup forms on the same site πŸ‘.

Set Redirects & Gate Content

3. You need to configure your site settings for members who have an account but don't have any plans. Follow along with the first 1-minute video on this page to tell Memberstack where to redirect members on Signup and on Login.

4. Create some gated content and grant access to "All Members". This content will be locked for non-members and accessible to anyone with an account. step_5.gif

🏁 🏁 🏁 🏁 🏁 🏁 If you're building a site with one type of free member, you're already done! You don't need to create any plans. Anytime someone creates an account or logs in they will automatically get redirected to the correct page and have access to gated content. 

Create Multiple User Roles and Access Levels

5. Watch this quick video to create a free plan in your Memberstack dashboard.

6. Repeat for the number of plans/groups/roles you need. 

Link Members & Plans

7a. If you're adding members manually, then you're finished! Simply select the appropriate plan(s) when adding members via the dashboard.

7b. If you want members to create their own accounts then you'll want to add some plan selection buttons to your site.

I recommend creating an onboarding flow where all new members join without a plan. Once they have an account you can redirect them to a welcome/onboarding UI where they can select their account type. In order to select their account type, the member needs to click on a button with the attribute data-ms-plan:add="PLAN_ID". To remove a plan, the member will need to click on a button with the attribute data-ms-plan:remove="PLAN_ID". You can also automatically add/remove plans using a feature called Plan Logic

Using Automation

It is also possible to update a member's free plans using Plan Logic, the DOM package, Make, Zapier, or Webhooks.


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