How to Delete or Archive a Plan

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Sometimes it's not possible to delete a plan.

After clicking the delete button, Memberstack throws up an an error message.

In this article, I explain why some plans can't be deleted and show you an alternative.

Deleting a Plan

Here's the deciding factor. If a plan has one or more members, you can't delete it. Plans with zero members can be removed.

Scan the Plan card and look for a number. (Check live mode and test mode). No number means no members, so you're free to delete. Go to the panel on the right, click the ellipsis, and select Delete plan


Archiving a Plan

If you try to delete a plan with members, Memberstack displays a message.


Here's the alternative: archive your plan.

Archiving achieves two aims. First, it removes the option from your active plans list.

Second, it protects current members who have an active account with that plan. Archiving has no effect on the existing members.

To archive a plan with members, select the plan, click the ellipsis, and choose Archive plan. Refresh the page to remove the plan from the list.


Note that the plan is still active on your site.

  • Be sure to remove the plan from your site so that no new members sign up with that offering.


You can always bring back an archived plan. Click the Archived tab and select a plan. Go to the panel on the right, click the ellipsis, and select Activate plan. Refresh the page to display the plan.



That's it.

Now you know how to delete and archive a plan.

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