How to Customize Your Stripe-Hosted Portal

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Memberstack has rolled out a new feature that allows you to toggle between using Stripe's customer portal settings and Memberstack's default configuration. This guide will walk you through the process and considerations to keep in mind.


  • A Stripe account linked with your Memberstack project
  • Familiarity with Stripe's Customer Portal (Learn More)

Important Note

Before diving in, it's crucial to understand that you'll need to configure settings in both test mode and live mode within Stripe. Also, avoid enabling customer information settings in Stripe, as the email synchronization between Memberstack and Stripe could cause inconsistencies. Specifically, if Memberstack resyncs, the email will revert to what is registered in Memberstack.

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Steps to Enable the Feature

Step 1: Navigate to Stripe Customer Portal Settings

First, head over to Stripe's customer portal settings at

Step 2: Enable Subscription Switching (Optional)

Under the "Subscriptions" tab, you can enable the "Customer can switch plans" option if you desire. Memberstack already provides this functionality by default.

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Step 3: Additional Options

Memberstack also enables invoice history and payment methods by default. If you wish to keep these features, you'll need to toggle them on in Stripe's settings.

Step 4: Subscription Update Buttons (Optional)

If your website is using Memberstack's subscription update buttons (identified by data-ms-price:update), you don't need to configure the plans in Stripe's customer portal. However, you're free to do so if you want.

Additional Resources


Using Stripe's customer portal settings alongside Memberstack's platform gives you more flexibility in managing your subscription services. Just be cautious with the settings you enable to maintain a smooth user experience.



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