How to Prioritize Plans

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Duncan Hamra
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If you happen to offer multiple plans, Memberstack needs you to prioritize one option over another to manage redirects.

How do you prioritize? That's easy. Use our drag-and-drop tool to place one plan at the top of a list.

Here's how.

Opening the Plans Page

The first step is to open your Plans page.

  1. Log in to your Admin account.
  2. Click Plans on the side menu.
  3. Click the Priority button at the top of the page.


In the popup window, drag and drop plans to change the order. Place your most important plan at the top of the list. Click Save.


That's all.

With a couple of clicks, you've changed the way Memberstack configures your plan settings.  


Plans without redirects → If a plan has a high priority but does not have any redirects, Memberstack will look to the next plan in the list. If this causes issues for you, take a few minutes to specify the redirects for all of your plans. 


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