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Memberstack's password reset emails and email verification emails come from a generic email address.

We can manually change the "from" email for you.

1. Start Here

Please fill out this form to kick off the email verification process.

2. Verify your Email

1. Once you submit the above form our team will need to manually update a few settings on your site. This could up to 24 hours during business days to be fully processed. Once the updates are complete you'll receive an email from Postmark asking you to verify your address. 

The subject line will look something like "Tyler Bell needs your help setting up Postmark for YOUR_PROJECT"

Need some help? Check out Postmark's help article on getting set up with common DNS providers.

2. When you’re all finished, reply to this email and let Tyler Bell know.

3. Testing & Troubleshooting

If you have deliverability issues please wait 24 hours and test again. It can take up to 24 hours for DNS changes to fully take effect.


Are emails sent from a dedicated transactional IP within Postmark? 

Emails are not sent from a dedicated IP address - Postmark requires accounts to send over 300,000 emails a month before being eligible for a dedicated IP. We’re sending around 150,000, so aren’t quite there yet.

That said, deliverability with postmark has never been an issue especially when you white label your email domain, etc. We have had issues in the past with emails going to spam, but that’s always been fixed once the email domain is white labeled.


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