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You can now enable and configure Welcome Emails for your new members - when enabled via the Email Settings page, members will receive the email after signup 🎉

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This is a global setting - meaning it will be sent to all new members no matter what plans the members has.

How to Enable

  1. Navigate to Email Settings
  2. Click on the “Hello & Welcome” box
  3. Click “Enable Welcome Email”


The logo and brand color are pulled from your Dashboard's Image Settings and Design.

Markdown is supported, so you can bold & italicize text, add links, lists, and more!


Below are a collection of welcome email templates you can use as inspiration. 


Originally used by Memberstack

Subject: Welcome to PRODUCT!

Heading: Welcome to PRODUCT!


We’re excited you’re here. To help you get started, we have put together some helpful tips that will make your experience seamless and enjoyable.

- ⚡ The [most important thing](https://www.hyperlink.com/) you want customers to do.
- 🛼 Another [important thing](https://www.hyperlink.com/) customers can do. 
- 🥕 Something [else](https://www.hyperlink.com/) for customers to do.

If you need any assistance, our support team is here to help. Do not hesitate to [contact us](mailto:support@yourcompany.com) if you have any questions or concerns.

Thanks again!



Originally used by Letterdrop

Subject: 👋 Hello, saw that you signed up for PRODUCT


Hey there 👋


Saw that you recently signed up for PRODUCT. I'm the founder and I'm reaching out to learn why you signed up and what you're trying to accomplish.


Would love to hop on a quick call if you're down to help me help you. I used to work on the PREVIOUS TEAM and talk to RELEVANT EXPERTS all day. Happy to also give you advice on SUBJECT MATTER generally! Just lmk some times that work for you or find time on my calendar: [Book a call](https://www.hyperlink.com)





Originally used by Zeplin

Subject: Welcome to Zeplin! Let’s publish your first design.

Heading: Welcome to Zeplin


Ready to handoff more than specs? With Zeplin, you get a structured workspace to publish designs, where the entire team can come together to ship beautiful products.

Everything starts when a designer publishes finalized designs to Zeplin, so developers, copy writers, product managers, and more know exactly what to build. Adding Commit Messages helps clarify exactly what has changed between versions.

**Let's get you started!** Use your favorite design tool to publish your first design to Zeplin:
- [Publishing from Figma](hyperlink.com)
- [Publishing from Sketch](hyperlink.com)
- [Publishing from Adobe XD](hyperlink.com)
- [Publishing from Photoshop](hyperlink.com)

We hope you have a great experience using Zeplin! If you have any questions along the way, just reply to this email.


Zeplin Crew

PS. Want more tips? Search through more [frequently asked questions](hyperlink.com).



Can I change the from address?

Yes. We can manually change the "from" email for you. Please fill out this form to kick off the email verification process.

Will emails send if I manually add members via the dashboard?

Yes, these members will receive a welcome email. 

Will emails send if I create a member via Zapier, Make, or the Admin Package

Yes, these members will receive a welcome email. 

Will the welcome emails send if I import members?

No. Welcome Emails are not sent when members are imported.

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