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Memberstack is excited to announce a significant upgrade to how you send emails. Gone are the days of sending password resets, welcome emails, verification links, abandoned cart messages, and passwordless login prompts from a generic email address. Now, with our new Email Sender Address feature, you can personalize your email communications by using your own domain. This feature is easily accessible within your app settings, allowing for a seamless transition to a more branded communication channel.

Why Make the Switch?

  • Brand Consistency: Elevate your brand by sending emails directly from your domain.
  • Quick Setup: No need to wait for us. You can easily set it up on your own.
  • Build Trust: Using your domain for emails can help reduce spam flags and foster trust with your audience.

See It in Action

Curious about how it works? Watch our video demo for a quick walkthrough of the feature in action.

Testing & Troubleshooting

Encountering deliverability issues? It's recommended to wait 24 hours and then test again, as DNS changes may take up to 24 hours to fully propagate.


Do emails send from a dedicated transactional IP within Postmark?

Currently, emails are sent via a shared IP as our volume (~150,000 emails a month) doesn't meet Postmark's threshold for a dedicated IP, set at 300,000 emails a month. However, deliverability has been stellar with Postmark, especially when your email domain is white-labeled. While we've faced challenges with emails landing in spam in the past, white labeling the email domain has proven to be an effective solution.


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