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This article will show you how to store the data from a group of radio buttons inside Memberstack.  Radio buttons let a member select only one of a limited number of choices.


1. Add a group of radio buttons to your site. 

Set up your radio button fields exactly as you would for any other form. In the images below (or in the video) you'll notice that each radio button has the same group name and a unique value. 


2. Add a single custom field to Memberstack.

Add a custom field for each group of radio buttons. You don't need a custom field for each option. 


3. Add the same attribute to every <input> in the group.


Save it, and you're ready to test! Memberstack will record the value of the selected radio button and save that to the member's profile.

If a member checks a radio option and reloads the page, Memberstack will remember and automatically "check" that same radio button.



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