Create a Multi-step Onboarding Form in Webflow

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Duncan Hamra

This article includes a 2-minute video explaining how to set up a custom onboarding form and links to copy or clone an existing onboarding form which you can drop into your project. 

If you haven't set up a standard profile form, I recommend doing that first. 


Here's a link to all of Memberstack's onboarding components

And here's a link to clone the Generic SaaS Template project. 

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    MJ Petroni

    Am I correct in seeing that each step has to have its own page? Are there any other ways to do this which don't count against our page limit?'


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    Duncan from Memberstack

    MJ Petroni you can also use custom scripts + link parameters to keep everything on one page. Here's how it could work at a high level:

    1. Add all your forms to the page and give each an ID.
    2. Write (or ask an AI to write) a script that sets the forms to display none by default. When the ID is present in the URL (either #FORM_ID or ?FORM_ID) set that form to display. 
    3. And then set the redirect link for each form to refresh the page and target the next form in the list. 

    You could probably also use Formly for us. 


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