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Josh Lopez

Custom fields are columns of data in your Member database. You can use them to collect and store information for your members. Limit of 100 custom fields per project. 

How to create custom fields.

Step 1 → Navigate to the Members page.

  1. Click here, or click “Members” in the top left-hand corner of your project.

Step 2 → Click “Custom Fields” at the top right.


  1. Give your custom field a name. This will be used to generate a field ID and may be visible to customers. The field name and field label should be the same thing.
  2. Click Save.
  3. The field will appear at the far right of your Members table. You may need to scroll to see it.

What's next?

Now that members can create their own accounts, it's time to create some free or paid plans. We can use plans to charge customers, grant access to content, and more!


How to edit custom fields.


  1. Click the Table header for the field you want to edit.
  2. Click “Edit” in the dropdown.
  3. From here you can update the field name. NOTE! Updating the field name will not affect the field ID which is used to collect and display member data on your site.

How to delete custom fields.


  1. Click the Table header for the field you want to delete.
  2. Click “Edit” in the dropdown.
  3. Click “Delete Custom Field.”
  4. Read the warning, enter the custom field’s name, and click “Proceed with deletion.”

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    Steven Webster
    • Edited

    The custom fields are super useful. It would be great if we also could:

    1. Select the data type for custom fields when entering a value in the dashboard UI - currently any inputted value is of type String; and
    2. Set a custom variable so that it is uneditable from the dashboard UI. A good use case for this would be if a non-technical client needs to easily view information about a user, but should not be able to change it (changes should only be able to be made programmatically or by user interactions with the web application).
  • Comment author
    Steven Webster

    Bug?: I noticed that when setting a new custom field with the DOM package's updateMember() method, it doesn't ever appear in the dashboard UI, but it's there when calling subsequently calling getCurrentMember().

    Also, after declaring a custom field but not setting any value in the dashboard UI, the field isn't present in customFields when calling getCurrentMember(). I would've expected it to be there but maybe with an empty string value or even null.

  • Comment author
    Josh Lopez

    Hello Steven Webster 👋

    Great questions! 

    1. Different custom field types is something we have on our list for the future but we do not currently have an estimated date for them. You can add a specific feature request for the field type you want here.
    2. We have talked about adding user roles for the dashboard in the future but we do not have an estimated time for this at the moment. You can read more about this here.

    To show the custom field data in the dashboard you will need to add it manually in the dashboard. We made the custom fields this way so users wouldn't lose any data if they use the pre-made components in webflow and test it out before adding the custom field.

  • Comment author
    Memberstack Potenz

    Hi, memberstack team


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