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Duncan from Memberstack

This article will show you what happens when you start from one of our Webflow Templates. TLDR: Memberstack will automatically copy the site settings of the template into your new site 🎉

Please note, that this can only be done when creating a new app. 


Find a Template in Webflow

All of our templates have a dedicated page on Memberstack website with their template id (👇) in the top right corner.


You can also locate the template id of a project you cloned by going to Project Settings > Code and then locate the app_id (e.g. app_cl79ccxwy00a10ufn74rx1319) in the header script.


Replace app_ with template_ and you're ready to go!

Note: Individual components like signup forms, pricing tables, etc, don't have IDs since they don't have any backend settings to import. 

Create a New App in Memberstack


Give your app a name, select Webflow, and paste the template ID from the template you want to clone. Click "Create App" to save. 

After Duplicating a Template...

This handy feature will automatically import free plans, convert paid plans to free plans (so you can set your prices), plan settings, site settings, custom fields, and gated content. 🎉

To complete your build, you'll need to swap out the header script, connect your Stripe account (if you have paid plans), and add prices

Once you've made those prices, you'll need to update the data attributes in your payment buttons. Memberstack generates unique price ids each time you make a new price. 

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