Default Redirects & Plan Redirects (Signup, Login & Logout)

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There are a few different ways to set up redirects in Memberstack.

We recommend setting your global Default Redirects first, and then setting your Plan Level Redirects after that.

Default Redirects

Navigate to the Default Redirects page in your Memberstack dashboard.

Signup Redirects → Use this to welcome new members, ask onboarding questions, track conversion events, redirect members who have not completed checkout, and more! This redirect is also used when a member successfully verifies their email address. 

Login Redirects → Use to grant access to your members-only area. Usually a central "dashboard" page. If all of your plans are paid, we recommend creating a "complete" checkout page so folks who fail to checkout can do so the next time they visit. You can also set a specific member's login redirect manually

Logout Redirects → Let the member know they have been logged out. Default = home. 

To configure these redirects:

  1. Go to your Memberstack dashboard.
  2. Click Plans on the side menu.
  3. Click the Redirects button at the top of the page.


To review or change the redirect URL:

  1. Click the On Signup tab.
  2. Enter your page slug.
  3. Click Save.


Plan-Level Redirects

To customize the On Signup redirect for a specific plan (and override the default setting):

  1. Click Plans on the side menu.
  2. Select a plan and then expand the Redirects folder.
  3. Open the On Signup tab and enter your page slug.



Things to Consider

Redirects must be relative links. At this time, it is not possible to redirect to another website or subdomain after signup, login, checkout, or logout. 

There are a few places to define redirects in Memberstack, and some can be overridden by other types of redirects. If this seems confusing, we recommend sticking with project-level and plan-level redirects.

  • Default redirects → Affects all members on your site. Overridden by the following...
    • Plan-level redirects →  Affects members on a particular plan. Overridden by the following…
      • Member-level redirects →  Learn how you can define a member-specific login redirect
        • Form-level redirects → Not recommended for most projects. Effects members who signup/login using a form on your site with a hard-coded redirect.

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