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You can use the new Memberstack 2.0 front-end API and the following code to pass member data into Acuity. 

Launch Acuity from a Button (simple)

Place the following snippet on any page where you want to launch Acuity's external scheduling URL from a button.
(Make sure to replace BaseURL with your own Acuity link.)


.then(({ data: member }) => {
if(member) {
let email =
let name = member.customFields["name"]
let baseURL = ""
let acuityBtn = document.getElementById("acuity-button")
acuityBtn.href = `${baseURL}&email=${email}&firstName=${name}`;

Prefilling Supported Fields w/ Member Data (advanced)


let email =
let name = member.customFields["name"]
let phone = member.customFields["phone"]
acuityBtn.href = `${baseURL}&email=${email}&firstName=${name}&phone=${phone}`;

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