Whalesync Integration (Notion, Airtable, Bubbble, Supabase, Postgres, etc)

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Duncan Hamra
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This feature was built and is maintained by the wonderful team at Whalesync

You can use their tools for two-way sync between Memberstack and other tools like Airtable, Webflow CMS, Notion & more. 🎉

This enables really powerful use cases centered around member management including:

  • Create new members triggered by actions on your site (like Webflow)
  • Manage all your members from a spreadsheet (like Airtable)
  • Once in a spreadsheet, you can create reports or link members to other data (like Stripe)

To get started we recommend diving straight into their excellent documentation or read-on to learn more.


Template Pack

Try out the Memberstack Template Pack to quickly set up a sync between Memberstack and Airtable. With Whalesync's template packs, you can see your first data syncing in <5 minutes.‍


Step-by-Step Tutorial

You can also follow along here with their step-by-step tutorial →

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