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Are you looking for a simple way to create and manage an affiliate program for your subscription-based business? Look no further than Rewardful! Rewardful is a platform that integrates with Stripe, allowing you to easily track and manage your affiliate program. With Rewardful, you can use affiliates to promote your business and earn a commission from the customers they refer. Let's take a closer look at what Rewardful can do for you.

What is Rewardful and what can I track? 

Rewardful is a simple way for subscription-based businesses using Stripe to create and manage an affiliate program. You use affiliates to promote your business/service/product on your behalf, and they earn a commission from the customers they send you.


Here are some of the things Rewardful can do for you:

  • Track clicks from affiliate links to your website
  • Keep track of which affiliates referred which customers
  • Automatically calculate commissions when invoices are paid
  • Automatically adjust commissions for upgrades, downgrades, cancellations, and trials
  • Keep track of how much you owe affiliates and remind you when to pay them
  • Let you configure how to reward your affiliates
  • Help you recruit and manage your affiliates
  • Provide a neutral 3rd party for attribution

Rewardful knows when a customer came from an affiliate link and associates the customer with the affiliate. Any invoices paid by that referred customer will generate a commission for the affiliate depending on your commission structure.

Rewardful shows both you and the affiliates the history of these commissions, along with their status: pending, due, and paid.

  • Pending commissions are commissions that are not yet 30 days old*. We recommend waiting 30 days to pay commissions to allow time for refunds.
  • Due commissions are commissions older than 30 days that are ready to be paid. You will be reminded when it's time to pay these so you never miss a payment and keep your affiliates happy!
  • Paid commissions make it easy to track how much profit you've earned from affiliates, and they show your affiliates how much they've earned by promoting your product.

Install Instructions:

1) Create a Rewardful account → Use this invite link to create a Rewardful account.


2) During setup, you'll actually want to avoid clicking on the Memberstack button (that's for 1.0) and instead click on Javascript (Browser) button instead. It will ask you to copy a code snippet that looks something like...

<script async src='' 

3) Paste that code into the global header of your site and publish.

That's it! You're ready to start sharing your affiliate signup page with members who can earn a commission for every sale they help you make. How much and how often you pay is entirely up to you!

Additional Features

Double-sided Incentives - Rewardful Docs

Offering double-sided incentives (i.e. offering coupons to referred customers) can help boost the conversion rate of affiliate traffic. This not only increases revenue but also helps to motivate and engage affiliates. When affiliates see that they are successful in promoting your business, they will be more likely to continue doing so. Overall, double-sided incentives are an effective way to increase conversion rates and keep affiliates active in your affiliate program.

Note: Each of your affiliates will need their own Rewardful account. That account is separate from their Memberstack account, and there's currently no way to share data automatically.

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    Shaun Brown

    What about the second step?

    Step 2: Track the conversion on your thank-you page
    Execute the rewardful('convert') function immediately after creating the Stripe customer. Usually this occurs somewhere on a thank-you page, an AJAX response handler, or some other callback that fires after your checkout completes.
  • Comment author
    Duncan from Memberstack

    Shaun Brown We handle the 2nd step for you 👍


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