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Duncan Hamra

Jetboost is real-time search, dynamic filtering, and more for Webflow. This article explains (at a high level) how to integrate Jetboost & Memberstack. 

How it works

1. Select settings for favoriting

All you need to get started is a Collection, a Field on that Collection to store the Total Favorites for each item, and Memberstack.

2. Design your button in Webflow

Any button design that you create in Webflow can be used with Jetboost.

3. Add Jetboost script and classes

Follow the guided process for installing the Jetboost script (in Jetboost) and adding a few classes into your Webflow project. Each step of the way is automatically validated to ensure that it's correct.


One note, if you haven’t touched your Jetboost account in a while (6+ months) your site may be using an older version of Jetboost.

You can check what version your site is on by typing window.Jetboost.version in the Chrome console.

It needs to be v.1.11.0 or higher to use MS 2.0.

If you are on an earlier version, you can go to and toggle the switch off and on to update your booster.
This will ensure your site is running the latest version.

Here's a link to Jetboost's help center in case you're still having trouble. 

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  • Comment author
    Kurt Pennypacker

    This sets up JetBoost and doesn't mention how it integrates into Memberstack. I want to know how does a user get the favorited item in the CMS into the Memberstack?

  • Comment author
    Duncan from Memberstack

    Hey Kurt Pennypacker 👋

    I believe Jetboost is saving the CMS id into a list on their end. We do not have access to the stored data in Memberstack. 


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