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This article will show you how to add a "Continue with GitHub" button to your signup, login, and profile forms. Part one is a 2-minute video with step-by-step instructions to connect your Memberstack and Github accounts. Part two will show you how to set up the front end. 

Part 1: The Backend

Here's a link to GitHub's OAuth Apps.

Part 2: The Frontend


If you're using Memberstack's pre-built sign-up, login, or profile UI, then you're already finished. Enabled social auth providers will automatically appear in the pre-built UI. 

If you'd like to add a social auth button to your Webflow project this section is for you.

Signup & Login Forms

I recommend copying one of our Webflow social auth buttons. They are 100% built in Webflow, already have the attributes you need, and are easy to customize:

A) Light Theme GitHub Button 

B) Dark Theme GitHub Button

To create your own from scratch:

  1. Create a link block with the attribute data-ms-auth-provider="github".
  2. Add the GitHub logo.
  3. Add your button text. We recommend something like "Continue with GitHub"

That's it for signup and login buttons. Profile buttons have a few additional elements.

Profile Forms

In this other tutorial, we'll create a UI for members to connect providers, view previously connected providers, and (optionally) disconnect providers. 

Social Auth Buttons in Profile Forms

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