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Duncan Hamra

In this article, you'll find a step-by-step video showing how to allow your members to log into a community without needing to create a new account. 

Below the video are a few important links mentioned in the video.

[Live Demo]


When members log in to my website, do they need to log in again with Circle?

TLDR: Yes. Members will need to log in again to access your Circle community. 

We attempted to add auto login functionality, however we were unable to given the strict Open ID Connect protocol.

Essentially the issue is that members first log into your website on your domain, and then the circle SSO flow occurs on our domain.

To be 100% transparent - There are possible solutions to this that we’ll explore at some point in the future (such as allowing you to add a custom domain to memberstack, etc.), but no solutions are scheduled for development at this time.

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    Daniel Linger

    The URL doesn't work anymore. Gives an error when you login via Circle on your membership site


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