Troubleshooting Auth Provider Errors

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Sometimes you'll see confusing errors when logging in with Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn. This article will explain why those errors happen and how to fix them.

Incorrect URI

The main reason for these errors is that the redirect URI is wrong. The redirect URI is a special web address used when logging in.

It's like giving directions to your house for a delivery. If you give the wrong address, the delivery person can't find your house!

Similarly, if the redirect URI is wrong, the auth provider can't redirect back to your app after logging in.

We suggest searching our help center for the provider your are having difficulties with and redoing the step 1 backend steps.

Here are some common errors and how to fix them as well:

Google error: "redirect_uri_mismatch"

This means Google doesn't recognize the redirect URI.

To fix it:

  • Copy the redirect URI from the Auth Providers page
  • Paste it in Google Cloud Console under Authorized redirect URIs

LinkedIn error: "The redirect_uri does not match..."

LinkedIn is saying the redirect URI is wrong.

To fix:

  • Copy redirect URI from Auth Providers
  • Paste it in LinkedIn auth settings as a valid redirect URI

Facebook error: "URL blocked: This redirect failed..."

Facebook doesn't recognize the redirect URI.

To fix:

  • Add the redirect URI in Facebook Developer Dashboard under Valid OAuth Redirect URIs

Some tips:

  • Double check that the URI matches exactly
  • Check for extra slashes or missing parameters
  • Recreate credentials if issues continue

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