Error: This domain is already connected to an app.

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Duncan Hamra
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If your domain is unavailable it means that you (or someone else) has already used the domain in another project.

Domains are unique between apps. The Memberstack backend needs to identify what app and mode to use when someone visits your site.


How to Fix it.

  1. Check your other apps to see if you've already used this domain. If so, you can delete it from the old project and add it to the correct project. 
  2. If someone else has used the domain, please complete the following 2-steps:
    1. Send our support team a link to your domain with the header script installed. The header script MUST be installed for us to make any changes.
    2. We will add the domain to your account in "Test Mode". You will need to switch to live mode when you are ready to go live. 

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