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Duncan from Memberstack

The following video and article will show you how to customize the look of your error and success messages. If you want to change the language or content of the messages themselves, try that article instead. 


Click here to copy or clone a pre-built error or success message. They are 100% made in Webflow and ready to update!

These are the data attributes mentioned in the video are...


Memberstack will automatically set this element to display: block for 7-seconds when there's an error. Otherwise, Memberstack sets the element to display: none. 


Memberstack will automatically set this element to display: block for 3-seconds when something is successful. Otherwise, Memberstack sets the element to display: none.  


Memberstack will populate this element with text based on the situation. 


Members can click this button to hide the notification.

Chang the Actual Text of the Message

To customize error and success messages in Memberstack, you can go to the Translations settings page here in your Memberstack app.


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  • Comment author
    William de Broucker

    Hello ! 

    Is there a way to translate the messages with the data attribute "data-ms-message-text" ?

  • Comment author
    Duncan from Memberstack

    Hey William 👋 Great question, but unfortunately not yet. We were working on feature to allow you to translate all of Memberstack's error messages, but it got delayed. It's been rescheduled for Q1 of 2023. 

  • Comment author
    Mélodie HOUSSEAU

    Hello ! :)

    I could translate the memberstack messages in this section :
    - Settings > Translation > Translate Error & Success Messages

    I just have a question : 
    I want the notifications to appear when a user is connectd or is logout for example.
    I use memberstack to manage the users but memberstack doesn't detect these events.


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