[Wishlist] [☑️ Partially Completed] More UI/UX control after churn from cancellations, failed payments, etc. Planned

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Memberstack Team
1) The problem → If a paid member's subscription ends, when they next log-in they are presented with a pop-up modal to continue their subscription and add their payment details / restart.
This makes complete sense from the point of view of gating the content, but is a pretty annoying user experience for someone who, perhaps, wants to choose a different plan.
2) Why is this important → It's important to the UX of my site and directly impacts my revenue.
3) What's your plan B → Attempt to swap the membership via the API, but that's not possible right now
4) Possible solutions we could build for you → a) Automatically switch to another membership of my choosing after an event. Canceled, expired, failed, etc. b) Only display the pop-up on pages with contain member's only content (including data attributes). Should be setting in the dashboard. c) Add a "change plan" section to the renew UI so folks can see / select other plans. This could be a simple link to my pricing page.



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    Duncan from Memberstack
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    Good news! This is now possible using gated content and access-denied redirects. If a member attempts to access gated content with a cancelled or expired plan, they will be sent to the "Access Denied URL." I recommend populating this page with actions a user might want to take. For example, create an account, pick a plan, update billing info, etc. 

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    Duncan Hamra

    Tim Schmidt moving your message over - "I think that it would be great if we could leave a members account in suspense for 30 or 60 days if the members subscription expires. The member could be traveling, sick, etc. and missed the expiry date. If they re-subscribe within the allotted time, none of their content expires."

    Let me reiterate your message to confirm I understand: You want to grant folks a grace period after their plan expires incase their payment failed for some reason out of their control (makes total sense!).

    Follow up questions:

    1. Let's say their payment is expired for 40 days, and they used the site during that time. When they add a new payment method do you want to bill them for the month they missed? Or restart the billing from this new point?

    2. In a perfect world, what sorts of emails, messages, prompts, etc. would they receive during this time? Would you like to build your own "Hey your account is expired UI" or would you need Memberstack to provide that?

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    I don't know how to add this for the user's feedback. Currently, the dialog is shown after the user logs in and there is no obvious way for the user to close it. We just don't want it to show at all.

    Our application allows a user to cancel their membership. But they've already paid for that month so our app should continue to let them use it until the end of the current period. Is there a way to suppress the dialog shown in the screenshot above?

    email: jveatch@wideorbit.com

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    All I currently need is 4a) the ability to automatically move a member to another plan once they cancel/ expire/ fail payment.

    I have a free plan setup today that I move all members to manually once they have cancelled/ expired. That way when they login they are directed to the free plan and I have memberstack configured to present them with a page to select a paid plan - make sense?


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