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Duncan Hamra

1. Member-facing UI (Signup, login, etc.)

Any UI that lives in Webflow such as signup, login, password, and profile components can be manually translated into language. You can add multi-language support with something like Weglot to translate automatically.

(Note: If you decide to make your translation cloneable for others, please leave a comment below so that we can thank you.)

2. Emails

You can translate your password reset and email verification emails using the default editor. Please note that emails can only be sent in 1 language. 

3. Pre-built Modals

It is not possible to translate the pre-built modals. Please use our Webflow Components and then translate all of the text.

4. Error & Success Messages

Navigate to Translate → Translate Error & Success Messages.

Click Enable and proceed to override any/all of the messages. 

5. Hosted SSO Login

Navigate to Translate → Hosted SSO Login → Login and override any/all of the text you need. 


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  • Comment author
    Lino Bottani

    Hey Duncan,

    In Memberstack 1.0 i was able to add a pre-built code to my website header to translate the memberstack UI to german. Is it also possible to do this in memberstack 2.0, so that every memberstack UI (login, logout, billing section etc.) is translated automatically from english to german?

    Kind regards,
    Lino Bottani

  • Comment author
    Duncan Hamra
    • Edited

    Hey Lino 👋 Thank you for posting!

    To keep things more simple in 2.0, we decided to not carry over the feature you're describing. We felt this was an okay thing to do now that 100% of your UI can be built inside of Webflow. You can pick from over 200 ready-to-go Webflow components here. 

    Does this seem like a viable option for you? If you have any concerns or push-back please let me know 🙏

    Happy Tuesday!


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