What should I do if I get an error stating that the domain is already being used when I try to add a domain?

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Josh Lopez
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This error typically occurs when a domain is linked to a test app, but then later, there is an attempt to link the same domain to another app on Memberstack. This is because a domain is unique and can only be associated with one app at a time. To link your domain to the new app, please follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Memberstack Account: Access your account by entering your login details.

  2. Access Your Apps: Click on the app name located in the top left corner of the Memberstack dashboard to display a dropdown of all your apps.

  3. Remove the Domain: Find the app that you previously linked to the domain and remove the domain from the app settings.

  4. Delete the Old App (Optional): If you no longer need the old app, you can choose to delete it.

  5. Update the New App: Link the domain to the new app.

If you only have one app or are certain that you have not linked the domain that is generating the error, please submit a support request here with proof of domain ownership. Our support team will assist you in resolving the issue.

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