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The following article describes front-end javascript which prevents a list of supplied email addresses from being used. Because it's only front-end javascript it's not 100% secure. Check out this article if you want to create a safe list of "allowed" email addresses → Plan Signup Rules (a.k.a. restrict signups by email domain).

Here's a script that uses vanilla JavaScript to make the email invalid if the email domain is ends with example1.com, example2.com, or example3.com. You can add, remove, and update these in the code below.

First, we'll need to select the email input element using its data attribute data-ms-member="email" and add an event listener to the submit button. Then we can define a function that checks if the email domain is one of the invalid domains and sets the input field's validity to false if it is.

Here's the complete code:

// Select the email input element
const emailInput = document.querySelector('input[data-ms-member="email"]');

// Add event listener to the email input field for change event
emailInput.addEventListener('change', (event) => {
  // Check if the email domain is invalid
  const email = emailInput.value;
  const invalidDomains = ['example1.com', 'example2.com', 'example3.com'];
  const emailDomain = email.substring(email.lastIndexOf("@") + 1);
  if (invalidDomains.some(domain => emailDomain.endsWith(domain))) {
    // Set input field validity to false
    emailInput.setCustomValidity("Email domain is not allowed.");
    event.preventDefault(); // Prevent form submission
  } else {
    // Set input field validity to true

// Add event listener to the form submit button
document.querySelector('form').addEventListener('submit', (event) => {
  // Check if the email input field is valid
  if (!emailInput.checkValidity()) {
    // Display the validation message and prevent form submission
In this code, we use the setCustomValidity method of the email input element to set a custom validation message when the email domain is invalid. We also use the reportValidity method to display the validation message to the user. Finally, we use the preventDefault method of the event object to prevent the form submission if the email domain is invalid. 
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