Ensuring Memberstack Initialization for Reliable Method Access in Webflow

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Memberstack is a powerful tool for managing membership-based services within your Webflow projects. To ensure the smooth functioning of custom scripts and methods, it's crucial to verify that Memberstack has fully loaded before executing any code dependent on its features. This document outlines the process to guarantee that Memberstack is ready before running your custom code.

Understanding the Issue

When integrating Memberstack with your Webflow site, you might encounter situations where your custom code executes before Memberstack is fully loaded. This premature execution can lead to errors, as Memberstack methods like getCurrentMember won't be available. This issue often arises when trying to use Memberstack methods immediately after page load, especially if your script is set to load asynchronously.

The Solution: Ensuring Memberstack Readiness

To address this, we've developed a method that ensures Memberstack is fully initialized before your custom code runs. This involves checking if Memberstack is ready and, if not, waiting for it to load before executing your code.

Step-by-Step Implementation

  1. Place Your Custom Code in a Function:

    Wrap your Memberstack-dependent code in a function. For example, let's call it codeToRun. This function will contain all the operations you intend to perform using Memberstack methods.

    function codeToRun() {
      // Your custom code goes here, for example:
  2. Check for Memberstack Readiness:

    Before calling codeToRun, check if Memberstack has loaded using the window.$memberstackReady boolean. If this returns true, Memberstack is ready, and you can safely call your function.

    if (window.$memberstackReady) {
  3. Handling Memberstack's Asynchronous Loading:

    If Memberstack isn't ready (window.$memberstackReady is false), add an event listener for a custom event named memberstack.ready. This event will trigger your function once Memberstack is fully loaded.

    else {
      document.addEventListener("memberstack.ready", codeToRun);

    Place this script right before the closing </body> tag in your Webflow project.


By following these steps, you ensure that your custom code runs only after Memberstack has fully loaded, eliminating errors and enhancing user experience. This approach is future-proof and guarantees that Memberstack methods are available when needed.

For any further questions or assistance, feel free to reach out.

Complete Code Snippet for Memberstack Initialization

Copy and Paste Ready Code

Below is the full code snippet that ensures Memberstack has loaded before running your custom code. You can simply copy and paste this into your Webflow project right before the closing </body> tag.

function codeToRun() {
  // Add your custom Memberstack-dependent code here

if (window.$memberstackReady) {
  // Run the code immediately if Memberstack is already ready
} else {
  // Wait for Memberstack to be ready if it's not already
  document.addEventListener("memberstack.ready", codeToRun);


1. Replace the content inside codeToRun() with your own custom code that depends on Memberstack.

2. Paste the entire script as provided into your Webflow project, ideally just before the closing </body> tag.

This script ensures that your code will only run once Memberstack has been fully initialized, preventing any potential errors related to asynchronous loading.

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