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You can use data-ms-member="FIELD_ID" attributes to personalize your site with data stored in Memberstack. This means that you can use Memberstack as a secure content management system (CMS) and use data attributes to tell Memberstack where to display content.

This feature also works with images, select inputs, checkboxes, radio buttons, and more. 




Step 1

In MemberstackEdit a custom field to copy its data attribute.

Step 2

On your website → Select the element you want to personalize and give it an attribute of data-ms-member="fieldID". The text you want to override us considered a placeholder. If no value is set in Memberstack, your member will see whatever you typed into Webflow. 

Step 3

When you log in or refresh the page, Memberstack will swap the original text with the text stored in Memberstack. If the field is empty, the element will revert to its original state.


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