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    you know what… i just did before you sent that… and voila… that worked. The weird thing is: some of the data was still working as far as the trigger goes. so it was a false sense of working that it...

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    Failed to create a member in Memberstack

    HELP. I’m having a problem updating member when I have the exact member ID.ZAPIER: Failed to create a member in Memberstack[400] There is no member with this identifier. (code: generic-message) Th...

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    this might be unrelated, but is this what I need to get a member id from a page? Basically, I want to get the member ID of someone who is logged in, so that when they update their profile,

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    Thanks Niket 1) Are you familiar with this yourself? I'm happy to pay you/someone else like $100 to just coach me through this for an hour or less. This feels straightforward just need to learn   2...

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    Thanks Drake Ballew. Actually, I'm ok with Zapier. In fact, I've started a zap to UPDATE LIVE ITEM when Memberstack is updated. Problem is: I cannot figure out how to reference the unique CMS Item ...

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    Updating CMS Fields

    Hello, I’m sharing my project link below, and a specific page as well.This is for an athlete recruiting company. (Athlete signs up, pays. Get his profile noticed) Ultimately we need help creating a...

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    Hello. This looks helpful. But, can this be done without Zapier?   What I'd like to do is: - User signs up (memberstack form) - CMS Collection is created and linked to MS/WF - From there, the user ...