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bo cruz

hey folks,

your site looks very promising. however, I can't manage to add a paid member.

first of all, I haven't subscribed any of your "billed" plans. I guess this might the sole reason. here where I struggle:

I added a paid plan but I can't add a member to that plan which I am planning to use Stripe's developer account and fake cards.

  1. I can't select a paid plan when I am using "Add Member" on your dashboard.
  2. I can't create a user for a paid plan via Zapier because it returns "[400] This plan needs valid payment information. (code: payment/payment-required)"
  3. I can't create a user for a paid plan by using "@memberstack/dom" and stripe libraries because I can't add a test card as a "paymentMethodId". I tried "signupMemberEmailPassword" which I had create free members succesfully.  I am not a developer, so I might have had a mistake. I tried lot's of scenarios though.
  4. await stripe.paymentMethods
    type: "card",
    card: {
    number: "4242424242424242",
    exp_month: 9,
    exp_year: 2023,
    cvc: "123"

any suggestions?

thanks in advance,





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