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Duncan Hamra

Originally asked by Kevin in the Memberstack Slack

Hey everyone, I have a client seeking to get away from Pico (also having tried Outseta before). No disrespect to the creators of those software (I’ve had the chance to get to know them), but Pico is slow to load and Outseta has the weirdest glitches (charging some users 7x or 15x for their monthly subscription…or just flat out changing credit cards from one user to another). I’m looking for something better.
Memberstack can obviously handle their SaaS. I was wondering if 2.0 would be able to…
  1. Run an LMS on top of their core service. They want the ability to purchase individual courses on top of their subscription (or instead of the monthly membership). Similar to what Andrew asked a year ago.
  2. Be able to prevent multiple logins. This question was asked by Adam a year ago. Same question for me.
  3. Another thing they asked me about was gift subscriptions (gifting another user). This question was asked by Megan a year ago.
I’m excited about 2.0 and know it’ll be great when it comes out.
Thanks for reading!


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    Duncan Hamra
    Hey Kevin   Thank you for the detailed message.
    1. Yes! This is possible. We are working on a template for this very soon.
    2. Preventing multiple devices logged in at the same time is queued for Q4 of 2022. Subscribe
    3. Gifting a plan is on our to-do, but not currently scheduled. Subscribe
    I’ve already added you to 2 and 3 so you’ll receive updates as we make progress there.

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