Recommended practices for syncing backend, memberstack, and webflow? Answered

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Evan Joyal

I'm close to launching a marketplace, and I currently have webflow forms sending data to airtable (which mimics my webflow CMS). I have integromat + airtable automations to trigger data to sync up to webflow, but I'm unsure with memberstack 2.0 how this type of thing will be supported and if there will be new options on memberstack's side to link data (such as references, images, options, etc).


Other than a looping sync every 24 hours, is there a legit way to keep databases relatively real-time synced? Since I'm worried integromat could bug out or miss a request if one is currently processing.



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    Josh Lopez

    Hey Evan 👋

    Thank you for the question. All data stored in Memberstack 2.0 Custom Fields are saved as strings like 1.0. That being said, we have many customers in Memberstack 1.0 using Make and Zapier with success. We do have webhooks that would allow you to keep your data synced. Here is an article on Webhooks.

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    John Matias

    Hello Evan, have you looked at the Nobull Airtable tool that {Finsweet has in a beta test? Here's the link:

    I haven't used it but it seems like it could be useful in your situation. 


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