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James Pravato

I have emailed support 4 times and I am yet to get any help at all so have created a NEW account to get access to the community in the hope that someone can please get back to me to my other account.

I cannot access my account despite resetting the password, clearing the cache and using multiple browsers on multiple machines. This is not as far as I can see a me issue, as I can access other memberstack accounts that I manage without a problem. Also your support and FAQs on the website only allow me to send a support message once I have signed in which is completely frustrating and just gets no reply Memberstack Team

I am so disappointed that the support is just not there when you need it and I don't know how I can get back into my account. 

Please can someone come back to me with an email address that an actual person will answer so we can sort this issue out.


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    Duncan Hamra
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    Hi James, I will look through our system to see what happened to your other emails! 

    We made some updates. Please attempt to log in using the email you provided initially. 


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