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Jerry Jaimon

I have a dashboard in webflow that has unique dashboards and related pages for multiple users that are dynamically generated.

For example, I have the following pages belonging to user A:

1. /dashboard/userA

2. /asset/itemA - Dynamically generated using CMS

3. /output/itemA-output - Dynamically generated using CMS

Is there a way to add dynamically generated pages to gated content in memberstack dynamically using Zapier/Make or any other API? I don't want user B to have access to these pages.


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    Duncan Hamra

    Hey Jerry 👋 You cannot add specific gated content pages in Memberstack via Make or Zapier. 

    To overcome this issue I recommend making the URLs extremely hard to guess, make sure your pages are not being indexed, and then you can also add some code to the page which checks to see if the right member is looking at it. For example, you could store the member ID in the CMS item and then check to see if the MemberID on the page matches the member ID of whoever is logged in. It's not 100% secure, but I expect it would be secure enough for most sites. 


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