Hiding individual content on CMS pages Answered

Greetings! I'm in the process of assisting a client with their transition from Memberstack 1.0 to Memberstack 2.0, aiming to enhance their overall site experience. Our project involves the website Norsk Eiendom and focuses on improving Memberstack functionality and membership features.

An important issue we're addressing is the securely hiding individual content on CMS pages. Norsk Eiendom hosts exclusive publications and recordings for members, traditionally managed by creating duplicate CMS collections—one for general users and another for members only—to prevent exclusive content to be available in the code. This duplication is cumbersome and inefficient, necessitating a more streamlined approach to securely display exclusive content on the same CMS page without resorting to duplications.

How to best solve this?

  • Gated Content: Is it possible to host dynamic CMS content in memberstack? What about content added through multi-reference fields?
  • Webflow Components: Having discovered that hiding elements within a Webflow component effectively removes them elements from the code, is there a strategy to leverage Webflow components to hide member-exclusive content securely?
  • Additional Solutions: Are there JavaScript solutions capable of completely hiding content (set to "display: none") from the source code?

Sorry for the long post! Just want to make sure I solve this in the best possible way 🙂



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    Duncan Hamra

    Hey Øyvind Hermans 👋

    1. Hosted content is not a great solution when using the CMS. I recommend regular Membestack gated content and attributes.
    2. I have not found a way to leverage this functionality yet. We would need Webflow to give Memberstack backend access (which they have not done yet)
    3. Solutions
    • You can hide part of a page using data attributes. Memberstack will delete gated elements once the page loads. Docs
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    Øyvind Hermans

    Brilliant. Thanks @Duncan Hamra!


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