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Hi, does memberstack have a feature to only allow account signups by company emails?



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    Tyler Bell

    Yes, Memberstack offers a feature to restrict account signups to only company emails or specific email domains. This can be achieved through the "Plan Signup Rules" feature, which allows you to specify allowed email domains for plan signups. Here's a summary of how you can set this up:

    Creating a Rule to Allow Only Specific Email Domains:

    1. Go to the plans page on Memberstack.
    2. Select the plan you wish to restrict signups for.
    3. In the right panel, expand the "Signup Rules" section.
    4. Click the + Add button.
    5. In the popup window, enter the domain(s) you wish to allow and click "Save".
    6. You can add multiple domains by repeating the steps.

    This setup ensures that only users with email addresses from the specified domains can sign up for the particular plan. It's important to test this rule by attempting to sign up with an email domain not listed in the rule; Memberstack should display an error message and block the signup.

    For more detailed instructions and to explore other related features, you can refer to the Plan Signup Rules documentation.

    Additionally, if you're looking to block specific email domains during signup, you can implement a front-end JavaScript solution as outlined in the Blocklist Email Domains during Signup guide. This method involves adding a script to your site that checks the domain of the email entered in a form against a predefined list of invalid domains, preventing form submission if the domain is blocked.

    Lastly, Memberstack also provides a feature to prevent sign-ups using disposable email addresses, which are often used for temporary access. This feature is enabled by default but can be disabled through the application settings if necessary. For more information, check the Prevent Disposable Email Address Signups article.
    These features collectively help in maintaining the integrity of user registrations and ensuring that only authorized users can sign up for your services.

    I pasted your question into our AI help bot 🙂

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    Lahvjal Fuimaono

    oh sweet, good to know, i can use the AI help bot next time. Appreciate the help

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    Tyler Bell

    you're welcome!

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    khyan el

    Is this why I can setup an memberstack account? I signed up and didn't receive a email. And i can create app name. It just takes me to blank page every time i try to enter the app name.


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