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Hi, I'm trying to get the memberstack "social media template" to take user posts and add them as items in the Webflow CMS collection. On the live site (test mode) the user is able to see the posts when logged in, but the posts don't get added to the collection. Does anyone know how to do this?



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    Manuel Ogomigo

    Yeah you can do this using make, and add them directly to Webflow CMS.

    Here's how the scenario would work
    First set up your CMS if you haven't.
    Users CMS and Post CMS.

    Users CMS should have member ID field, that can be the memberstack member id.

    And posts should have a reference field for Users

    Now set when a Webhook to first check the user member id and create the post, which is then rhen it added to Webflow CMS.

    Optional if not added (simple code to filter posts and only show current posts maybe in profile)
    I can help you with it, if that's okay with you ☺️

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    Duncan Hamra

    +1 to what Manuel said.

    Schuyler Vandersluis have you had a chance to watch the tutorial videos on that project?


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