Job board template with section transition functionality Answered

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Filipe Alves

Hello, I'm curious about the premium job board template. Is it possible to have a functionality when an applicant applies for a job on the job board the job disappears from their dashboard and gets moved to an applied section with this template?



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    Manuel Ogomigo

    Yeah it's possible you can set it using Memberstack Json, or just webflow cms.
    If using Memberstack Json, then when a user apply for a job, add that cms id to the user json to mark it as applied. Similar to how favorites work in Memberstack template

    1. if using webflow cms, you can set a make scenerio so when a user apply for a job, the user item id, would be added to the job. And then you can filter the cms items
    2. if they don't match the current User id using memberstack script.

    This might seem a bit complex, but it's not just a bit of code.

    Let me know if that helps

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    Filipe Alves

    Thank you!


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