3 Tier Memberships Answered

Hi all! I need some brainstorm help. is there a feature / way in memberstack that can help with membership tiers? We are looking to have 3 tiers. Individual, Family and Business. the Family tier can have up to X amount of family members join. Is it possible to have certain family members join under this specific tier? Where there is a main family member and then sub-members?



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    Raquel Lopez

    With out-of-the-box functionality you might not be able to pull it out. You can do it but will have to use a lot of custom code.

    I would suggest creating 3 plans, individual, family and business in MS dashboard. And when the user purchases it, in their admin part, when he invites the user, that request should have to go through a custom server consuming Memberstack Admin API, to verify the id of the plan id and saving it in a custom database the member information related to the main user... I think you'll have can create a different plan for this "sub-member" as well to allow them log in and associate everything to the custom database 🤔

    So yeah, it think it's doable, revising the architecture a little bit more... but it would be a really custom solution

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    Lauren A. Koenig

    Thank you!


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