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Chuck Lapointe

Good morning!

Do we know if there is a place to see the number of checkout sessions initiated? I feel like it would be good to get drop off rates here.



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    Chukwudi Onyekwere

    Hi Chuck,
    To track the number of checkout sessions initiated and analyze drop-off rates, Memberstack itself does not directly provide a built-in feature specifically for viewing the number of checkout sessions initiated. However, there are a couple of approaches you can take to gather insights into user behavior during the checkout process:

    1. Use External Analytics Tools
      For more advanced tracking capabilities, including monitoring checkout session initiations and drop-off rates, you can integrate external analytics tools with your Memberstack project. One recommended tool is Heap Analytics, which offers robust tracking and analysis features for user activity on your site. By setting up custom events or tracking specific URLs, you can monitor when users initiate checkout sessions and where they might be dropping off. For more information on integrating Heap Analytics with Memberstack, you can refer to this article.
    2. Abandoned Cart Emails
      Another indirect method to gauge checkout session activity is through the setup of abandoned cart emails. Memberstack allows you to automatically send emails to members who don’t complete the checkout process. These emails contain a “Continue to Checkout” button for members to resume their purchase. By tracking the engagement with these emails, you can get an idea of how many users are initiating but not completing checkout sessions. Customizing the content of these emails and analyzing the response can also provide insights into user behavior and potential barriers in the checkout process. Please check out the article on Abandoned Cart Emails here.
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    Chuck Lapointe

    Hi Chukwudi-Onyekwere

    The Abandoned Email tracking could work but without tracking on effectiveness of them, it’ll be hard to optimize 😅


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